Bulk Orders

Need to place multiple orders shipping to different locations?

1. Send a spreadsheet in the following format to hello@shopcallforfire.com

Name, Address 1, Address 2, City, State, Zip, Product, Product Size

2. We will contact you when your order has been printed, packed and is ready for shipment. 

3. Invoice will be payable online and include a shipping average per product type.

4. You will be able to edit Billing Name and Address through the online payment system when paying your invoice.

5. You will receive a tracking update 5 business days after your orders have shipped.


Please Note:

  • Allow up to three weeks for items to be printed, fulfilled, and shipped.
  • Expedited orders may be possible but must be paid by credit cards in advance. Email us at hello@shopcallforfire.com for product availability.
  • Sizes are Unisex unless specified.
  • Billing is available online and a separate pdf invoice will be sent for your records. For Verizon customers, our vendor IDs are 1588173 (Apex) and AN01736044771 (Ariba).
  • Individual tracking numbers cannot be sent for sets over 5 orders, but we will monitor tracking and send an update after at least 5 business days.
  • Check with your credit card or billing department for spending caps per day/purchase. We can gladly separate bills into smaller invoices.
  • Due to the large number of bulk order requests we receive, we greatly appreciate keeping all emails and requests as succinct as possible. We will gladly send you a free t-shirt for bulk orders with correspondence of 6 emails/phone calls or less!