Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022) Review

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022)

Where the recent entries of the franchise have tried to focus on gritty realism, this installment is a return to the sillier side of the franchise. Despite many of the death scenes being very graphic, there was almost a comical nature to it. That's not saying this is a funny movie. Far from it. 

The acting is bad across the board. The story is paper thin and full of holes (especially if this is supposed to be a sequel to the original). The characters are stereotypes, forgettable, and all the decisions they make are dumb. Even the makeup was noticeably bad. It felt like a like 80s, early 90s horror movie in the best way possible. On the plus side (for a horror movie), there was plenty of on-screen carnage including graphically violent death scenes and buckets of blood. 

It's a bit weird, it's bit bad and it's quite a bit bloody. 

Rating: C+ For Horror fans who like their meat served bloody and tasting a bit funny. Pass for everyone else.