A Moment of Sanity

We'd taken over some family compound for a mission outside our normal AO. We'd been moved in to deal with insurgents in the area and just patrol the space for about a week. It seemed like a waste of time and resources. I don't even remember us taking any contact while we were down there. The host family had a dog. Our 1SG shot the dog because it barked. Seriously. What the fuck. My driver Cantu and I had to dispose of the carcass in the burn bin. It was fucked and everyone was pretty pissed about the whole thing. So while someone was outside the gate, they snagged a puppy they found on the road and brought it back. We gave it to the family the next day as a sort of apology for our 1SG being a complete bag of douche. We all took pictures with it and had a second where we didn't really give a fuck about what was outside the compound. Well, until a SSG got shitty about a flash being used (the walls were 10 feet high..). Thanks for the second of sanity pup. We needed it.

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